The students in the department all strive to develop themselves in all areas. They are diligent in their studies and active in various research projects, service projects and sports activities, which creates a lively and encouraging atmosphere. Many student organizations provide opportunities where the students can make their dreams come true.

The Association of Science and Technology provides students who love research and inventing with may opportunities. The students can take part in both research activities and various science and technology competitions in Tsinghua and in Beijing, for which they get technical guidance and financial support. Every year, our students perform well in the Mechanical Design Competition and the Challenge Cup, which showcase their scientific and technical talents. The Doctoral Forum provides graduate students with opportunities for academic interactions.

Student meetings are also organized by the departmental Youth League committee and the graduate student League branch to discuss various educational topics, quality extension projects, service projects and discussions of various occupations. The service projects “A tour of Chinese Power Plants” won a Tsinghua University first prize for service projects while ”Walking in the Children’s Village—an investigation of Beijing’s Children’s Village” won a second prize for excellence in the city of Beijing. The quality extension projects encourage students to exert their creativity, to find approaches for studying outside of the classrooms, and to assume social responsibility. The Youth League committee offers funds and guidance for students who apply for the quality extension programs.

The Student Union and the Graduate Student Union are student run organizations so they are from the students, representing the students, and for the students. Therefore, these organizations provide excellent opportunities for the students to development their scientific and leadership abilities. The students also greatly enjoy the traditional 12.9 choral competition, the Student Festival, the welcome party for freshmen, the Boy’s day and the Girl’s day. The sports events include the Beijing International Marathon and various intramural events such as the John Ma Cup, the Freshmen Sports Meet and basketball, soccer and baseball intramurals where the department has won many titles. The students also participate in many informal games every afternoon and have founded swimming, badminton, ping-pong clubs.

In addition, the TMS Association provides students opportunities to study and discuss political theories, to further understand and love our way of life and to learn more about caring for the whole society. The departmental newspaper, Voice of DTE, also provides students many opportunities to practice their writing skills.