Chen QunAssociate Professor

Tel: 86-10-62773154



Education background

Sep 1999 – Jan 2005 Ph.D Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University

Sep 1994 – Jul 1999 B.Eng. Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University


Apr 2011 -- Asso. Prof. Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University

Dec 2007 – Jan 2011 Postdoc RA Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering,University of Sheffield, UK

Aug 2006 – Dec 2007 Guest Prof. Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering,Kogakuin University, Japan

Apr 2005 – Jul 2006 Researcher Shougang Research Institute of Technology, China

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Research Interests:

Coal combustion

Sustainable bioenergy and low grade energy uitilization

Diffusion and reaction in heterogeneous media

Research Projects:

1. Jan 2013 – Dec 2016, Mechanistic and Kinetic Investigation on the Formation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Heterogeneous Secondary Reactions during Biomass Pyrolysis, NSFC grant No. 51276099, PI

2. Nov 2011 – Dec 2014, Fundamental investigation on Biomass Pyrolysis for Liquid Fuels, Tsinghua Research Fund No. 2011Z02147, PI

Academic Achievement

Selected Publications:

[12] Karen N. Finney, Qun Chen, Vida N. Sharifi, Jim Swithenbank, Andy Nolan, Simon White, Simon Ogden. Developments to an existing city-wide district energy network: Part II - Analysis of environmental and economic impacts. Energy Conversion and Management, 2012, 62, 176-184.

[11] Winson Chung, Qun Chen*, Ogo Osammor, Andy Nolan, Xiaohui Zhang, Vida N. Sharifi, Jim Swithenbank. Characterisation of particulate matter on the receptor level in a city environment. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2012, 184(3), 1471-1486.

[10] Hanning Li, Qun Chen, Xiaohui Zhang, Karren N. Finney, Vida N. Sharifi, Jim Swithenbank. Evaluation of a biomass drying process using waste heat from process industries: A case study. Applied Thermal Engieering, 2012, 35, 71-80.

[9] Qun Chen*, Karren N. Finney, Hanning Li, Xiaohui Zhang, Jue Zhou, Vida N. Sharifi, Jim Swithenbank. Condensing boiler applications in the process industry. Applied Energy, 2012, 89 (1), 30-36.

[8] Raja Razuan, Qun Chen, Karen N. Finney, Nigel V. Russell, Vida N. Sharifi, Jim Swithenbank. Combustion of oil palm stone in a pilot-scale fluidised bed reactor. Fuel Processing Technology, 2011, 92 (12), 2219-2225.

[7] Jim Swithenbank, Qun Chen*, Xiaohui Zhang, Vida N. Sharifi, Mohamed Pourkashanian. Wood would burn. Biomass & Bioenergy, 2011, 35(3), 999-1007.

[6] Xiaohui Zhang, Qun Chen, Richard Bradford, Vida N. Sharifi, Jim Swithenbank. Experimental investigation and mathematical modelling of wood combustion in a moving grate boiler. Fuel Processing Technology, 2010, 91 (11), 1491-1499.

[5] Qun Chen*, Xiaohui Zhang, Dick Bradford, Vida N. Sharifi, Jim Swithenbank. Comparison of Emission Characteristics of Small-Scale Heating Systems Using Biomass Instead of Coal. Energy & Fuels, 2010, 24, 4255-4265.

[4] Raja Razuan, Qun Chen*, Xiaohui Zhang, Vida N. Sharifi, Jim Swithenbank. Pyrolysis and combustion of oil palm stone and palm kernel cake in fixed-bed reactors. Bioresource Technology, 2010, 101 (12), 4622-4629.

[3] Hidetoshi Yamamoto, Manabu Nagase, Qun Chen, Masayoshi Sadakata. Oxidative decomposition of biomass tars by O- radicals from C12A7. Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 2008, 41(12), 1143-1148.

[2] Qun Chen*, Kazumasa Yoshida, Hidetoshi Yamamoto, Masaki Uchida, Masayoshi Sadakata. Investigation on the application of C12A7 in flue gas desulfurization at low-moderate temperature. Energy & Fuels, 2007, 21(6), 3264-3269 (SCI: 234LF, WOS:000251164900030)

[1] Qun Chen, Rong He, Zhanggang Liang, Xuchang Xu, Jun'ichi Sato. Numerical Simulations of gas diffusion and reaction in fractal pores during char combustion. Combustion Science and Technology, 2007, 179(4), 695-722.