Tsinghua-BP Clean Energy Research and Education Center

The Tsinghua-BP Clean Energy Research and Education Center (THCEC) was officially founded at July 23, 2003 with a joint opening by Academician Gu Binglin, the president of Tsinghua University, and Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of UK at that time. THCEC is an independent, cross-disciplinary academic research center founded by Tsinghua University with a one-time donation of 400,000 US$ from BP for the foundation. The aim of the centre is to build a world-class research center of China’s energy strategy by integrating the research capabilities on energy technology, energy system, energy strategy and energy policy in Tsinghua University and also other domestic and foreign organizations. THCEC sets a steering committee with Academician Ni Weidou as the chairman, an advisory board with Academician Fan Weitang as the chairman, a director who is Prof. Li Zheng, and a deputy director who is Dr. Ma Linwei.

Currently, the academic research in THCEC mainly includes two directions: one is energy technology, and another is energy system and energy strategy, as follows:

1. Energy technology

Firstly, aiming at the technology requirements of the sustainable energy development in China, THCEC carries on the research on the system analysis and system design method of poly-generation systems based on coal gasification, trying to develop design and analysis tools and dynamic simulation technologies. For example, in the 11th-five-year period, THCEC finished a project of National Program on Key Basic Research Projects (973 projects) -‘The Theory and Model of Coupled Integration and Optimization of the Poly-generation Process’, and THECE now is carrying on a project of National Science and Technology Support Program - ‘The Development of 600MW supercritical CFB Dynamic Simulator’.

Secondly, THCEC continues the technology research and development of improving the energy efficiency of coal power plants, and has already developed practical technologies for the operation efficiency analysis, problem diagnosis and operation optimization for coal power plants to improve the energy efficiency from the aspects such as operation parameters, the health situation of components and devices, matching modes of main units and the auxiliaries, and optimization of the whole system. These technologies has been applied in more than 10 coal power plants, and has made substantial contribution to energy saving and emissions reduction.

Thirdly, facing the challenge of global climate change, THCEC actively carries on the theoretical and experimental research of the system integration, technology chain evaluation and supporting scientific data of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

The outcome of above research activities in THECE won the 2004 ‘National Science and Technology Progress Award nominated by Ministry of Education’ (first prize), the 2006 ‘National Science and Technology Progress Award" (second prize), the 2007 Science and Technology Progress Award of China HuaDian Corporation, the 2010 Science and Technology Progress Award (first prize) of China Guodian Corporation, and the 2010 ‘China Electric Power Science and Technology Award’(second prize).

2. Energy system and energy strategy

Considering the major energy challenges faced by China during the process of rapid industrialization, urbanization and motorization, THCEC carries on the academic research of the development strategy of urban energy systems and the national energy system for sustainable development of China. Based on the philosophy - ‘Project sets the stage and multi-disciplinary play the opera’, THCEC integrates the research resources in and out of Tsinghua University to carry on research activities on important energy issues in the social-eco development of China.

As early in 2003, Academician Wang Dazhong presided over the energy, resources and marine areas of the National Mid-term and Long-term Science and Technology Planning, and the expert team led by him carried out research work in THCEC for six months, using it as the main research base. In 2005, THCEC organized together six disciplinary – urban planning, transportation, energy, environment, automotive and public policy, and more than 30 researchers to carry on a three-years research program of ‘Sustainable Urban Mobility in China ’, to cross-disciplinary research the implementation strategies and solutions of sustainable urban mobility during a rapid urbanization process.

Besides, THCEC carried out a series of important research programs such as ‘Coordinated development of industry and energy in China’ supported by NDRC, international cooperation programs of ‘Hydrogen energy roadmap in China’, ‘Renewable energy roadmap in China’, ‘Bio-fuel roadmap in China’ and ‘CCS guidelines in China’, and took part in the research program of ‘Sustainable coal use and environment policy in China’ supported by CCICED. Besides, there are other two important programs finished by THCEC recently. First, THCEC organized the research resources in Tsinghua University to finish the program of ‘Alternative energy development strategy in China’ supported by National Energy Leading Group Office and presided by Academician Ni Weidou, and the outcome of the research has been adopted in the National Energy Development Strategy up to 2030. Second, THCEC finished the sub-project of energy saving strategy in the consulting program of Chinese Academy of Engineering – ‘Research of the Mid-term and Long-term (up to 2030/2050) Development Strategy of China’, which is also presided by Academician Ni Weidou.

Now THCEC is still actively taking part in high-level domestic and international research programs of energy and environment development strategy, such as New Energy Development Strategy of CNOOC, China Automotive Energy Roadmap supported by NDRC and GM, Marco Energy System Development Strategy of China supported by BP etc.

During the past 8 years after the foundation, THCEC has built widely international relationship and won a high international reputation. The close partners of THCEC include famous Universities such as Princeton University (US), MIT (US), Imperial College (UK) and Cambridge University (UK), famous international organizations such as US DOE, IEA, WRI, and famous international enterprises such as BP, Siemens, Alstom, MHI, Toyota, GM etc.

Contact: Prof. Li Zheng (Director)

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Contact: Dr. Ma Linwei (Deputy Director)

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